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1v1 & 2v2 Super Smash Bros Tournament


1st - 50% of pot +7 hours @1337

2nd- 30% of pot +4 hours @1337

3rd- 20% of pot +2 hours @1337



1v1/2v2 Rules:

3 stock

8 minutes

No Items

No FS Meter

No Stage Morph

  1. First stage is decided through either both players agreeing to a starter stage, or by playing RPS. Winner of gets to ban 1 stage in starters, then the loser gets to pick 2 more stages. It goes back to the winner and they get to decide what stage gets banned. The last stage available is what’s played.

  2. After Stage has been picked, both players have to choose their character at the same time (so no counterpicking characters.) They may also have the option of a mediator for the players to tell what character they’re using.

  3. After the First Match has been played, the winner of the match gets to ban 2 stages. The loser gets to pick a stage after winner’s ban. (If a player have already won on a specific stage on that set, they can’t CP it)

  4. Winner may pick character first after the match, the loser will follow in character selection

  5. There is no pausing in a tournament, if pause is enabled and one of the player/teammate pauses, the other player/teammate may call for a stock to be taken.

  6. If a timeout were to happen, the player/team with the most stocks will win by default. If both player/team have the same stocks, the team with the least percentage will win.

  7. If a tie manages to happen (by either both players dying at the same time or if the time runs out with both the exact same stock/percentage), a tie breaker will take place with 1 stock.

  8. If players are having a problem, they may contact the TO to clarify things.